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No more celebrities for Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs says: Goodbye celebrity's! We say: Hello us!

According to the article we wrote before, we’ve got some interesting news about Marc –we love- Jacobs! He is planning to ban celebrities from the front-row! Even former campaign model Victoria Beckham is not welcome anymore! Marc’s argument; celebs get all the attention, the show is just a little extra…Instead of a famous front-row he wants to put fashion journalists and bloggers on the seats of the celebs. Joeehooeeeee Marc, we are here!!!! You can call us anytime…



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Victoria Beckham relaunches denim label

Victoria Beckham Denim

Victoria is giving her almost vanished denim label a rebirth. Formerly knwown as dVb, it will now simly be called Victoria Beckham Denim.

The jeans were given a high-end makeover, and are sharper and sleeker than the original dVb’s. Not to forget the super slouchy boyfriend jeans, that probably gave her back the ‘denim-credibility’. In the range there are also sixties sweet pastel cigarette pants with contrasting inserts. She even goes beyond jeans with a range of leggings in bright colours.

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Meet modelscout Victoria Beckham…or not?

skinny model

Vicky B. as skinny as a model

We have a lot of good ideas for the ‘Digitalistas’ brand extensions and one of those is to have or own modelling agency. A male modelling agency to be honest. We love the idea of sitting behind a desk while half-naked men show us their delicious booty and big arm muscles! Not bad huh! Continue reading

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Vicky B’s hair on the loose


Vicky B's hair on the loose

There’s always much ado about Victoria’s hairdo’s. Once you think about it, did you ever see Victoria Beckham wearing her hair differently than the usual straightened coupe? While attending an LA Lakers game she whore her hair in a more loose and tousled hairstyle. Continue reading

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Victoria Beckham expands her line to purses and shoes

What do you guys think of Victoria Beckham? I kind of like her. Not because I was a huge Spice Girls fan as a 10 year old girl. No, back in the days I did not like her ‘poshy’ behaviour. But now I do. And only because she has some crazy self spot. Otherwise you don’t sit in a huge Marc Jacobs bag, right? And even her upcoming career as a serious designer is not that stupid as I thought it would be… Continue reading

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Catch of the day: tye die skinny jeans

Dress like Victoria Beckham!

Dress like Victoria Beckham!

We spotted Victoria Beckham with the tye die skinny jeans. So why not wearing them too…

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Vicky B for ELLE


Victoria Beckham is the new covergirl of ELLE!

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