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Digitalistic tunes: energetic Matt & Kim from Brooklyn

Mat & Kimm at Hilfiger Denim Live

Last week at the very cool Hilfiger Denim Live party in Paradiso Amsterdam, I spotted Matt & Kim (a music-duo from Brooklyn) for the first time. I immediately fell in love with those guys. They rocked the club with their energy-filled performance like nobody else did! Especially Kim drew my attention. This small girl on drums, hit her drumsticks like another day would never come. And the best was, she had an amazing smile on her face all night long! She and her friend Matt had so much fun on stage that me and my friends went crazy on the dance floor. I liked it so much! To get in the right mood this morning, hereby one of their songs; Daylight.  Watch, listen en then fall in love…

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Lady Gaga’s best gay-friends: Semi Precious Weapons

Meet some motherf*ckers from New York City: Semi Precious Weapons. The support act of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour. We saw them performing live yesterday at the Gaga Concert and where a little in shock. Especially by the lead singer. Think: Perez Hilton gay but then a little bit thinner, with a cool rock voice but wearing nude tights, golden high-heels and a tong at the seem time. Gay Glam-Rock like you never seen it before… Continue reading


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Digitalistic tunes: Florrie

Introducing: Florrie

Wow! Girls who play drums are cool!!! Because playing drums is quite difficult. I know, because I tried in music class once. The coordination of the hands is a tough one…

But besided playing drums this 21-year old girl from Kent, UK is also a singer, songwriter and guitarist. This cool chick has played drums on several records from Girls Aloud, Aleesha Dixon, Kylie, the Pet Shop Boys…Introducing: Florrie Continue reading

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New single + FREE download from Cha-Cha!


Here they are again, our boys from Cha-Cha with their new single: The Fellowship. And ofcourse a video to go with it. You like? Continue reading

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Digitalistic Tunes: Micky Green

“Oh Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow our mind, hé Micky!’ We could ‘ve written that famous line, after listening the new single T.L. from Paris-based singer Micky Green. Who she is? A blond style-icon and former muse of Karl Lagerfeld. What she makes? Think groovy, jazzy, vintage and poppy songs! Continue reading

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Meet The Suzan! A hilarious pop-rock band from Japan

Meet The Suzan

The last few months we have a ‘thing’ for slightly undiscovered bands. After Les Plastiscines ( for in case you didn’t know yet, Digitalista M. has got a huge music crush on them!) and Cha-Cha (the pretty-in-a-sweet-way- boyband from London) we now spotted a new pop-rock band from…Japan! You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, we don’t know yet what we have think of their crazy, up-tempo, hyperactive and little acquired beats, but we know for sure that they are hilarious in a positive way. Meet The Suzan! Continue reading

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Can’t wait: rocking in Paris with Les Plastiscines

Les Plasticines!

Does this looks good to you? Well, be jealous, because we’ll be there! The 19th of March in Paris, le city d’amour…We can’t wait to rock!!! See a sneak peak below. Continue reading

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