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BANG, BANG….Marc shot us down!

BANG....new male fragrance by Marc Jacobs


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Vintage treasures

Digitalista E. with dear Farah!

Last Friday it was Queensday (long live the queen!). And what did Digitalista E. find at the vintage market in the Jordaan? A Marc Jacobs tee for just € 25. She was in heaven…

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Dear Marc, you can always use our shoulder to cry on…Just give us a call

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Reading Marc

Marc Jacobs reading during a vacation

Did you know Marc Jacobs as an avid reader? Well, he is! Actually he did a lot of reading during his St Barth holiday, and that might have inspired him to open a bookstore. Continue reading

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5 things you didn’t know about Marc Jacobs

Surprise, surprise: we love Marc Jacobs! We even considered a second name for Digitalista E. namely Little Miss Jacobs. So if we read something about our gay crush, we want to post it immediately! This time we found a article about 11 things you didn’t know about Marc Jacobs on Fashionista.com

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No more celebrities for Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs says: Goodbye celebrity's! We say: Hello us!

According to the article we wrote before, we’ve got some interesting news about Marc –we love- Jacobs! He is planning to ban celebrities from the front-row! Even former campaign model Victoria Beckham is not welcome anymore! Marc’s argument; celebs get all the attention, the show is just a little extra…Instead of a famous front-row he wants to put fashion journalists and bloggers on the seats of the celebs. Joeehooeeeee Marc, we are here!!!! You can call us anytime…


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So digitalistic: these fashion dolls


Meet the Kouklitas


We love dolls. Especially Barbie is our old time favorite. But we also like the Karl Lagerfeld Spongebob puppet and the fashionable Liberty dolls. New in the doll house: these haute fashion puppets called The Kouklitas.

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