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High lights London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week we missed you!

London Fashion Week: we really really really missed you. But because all three of us are broke, we couldn’t come to visit you. But the next time we’ll be there. We will be back! For now: just some high lights from this fashionable week.

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No more celebrities for Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs says: Goodbye celebrity's! We say: Hello us!

According to the article we wrote before, we’ve got some interesting news about Marc –we love- Jacobs! He is planning to ban celebrities from the front-row! Even former campaign model Victoria Beckham is not welcome anymore! Marc’s argument; celebs get all the attention, the show is just a little extra…Instead of a famous front-row he wants to put fashion journalists and bloggers on the seats of the celebs. Joeehooeeeee Marc, we are here!!!! You can call us anytime…


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The (expensive!) secrets of the front-row

At the Burberry show. In the red circle: The Digitalistas!

I was triggered by the article on fashionista.com about how much brands pay for celebs to sit front-row. I’m still planning to write an article about the secrets of the front-row. Like why it is so important to have a famous front-row (media attention!!!), why get those rich people the best goodiebags (not fair!!!)  and what do you have to do to get a front-row seat (become a blogger, LOL).   Continue reading

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Love this invitation

Invitation of Michael Barnaart van Bergen

Invitation of Michael Barnaart van Bergen

We receive a lot of great invitations of fashion show, presentations and party’s. And the better they look, the better we feel about the wonderful world called fashion. We love the invitation we’ve got from Dutch designer Michael Barnaart van Bergen…

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Replay @ AIFW


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Italian jeanslabel Replay has a new Creative Director, Gigi Vezzola, who wants to make wearing jeans a glamourous happening. So he put some airy dresses with sequins in the collection. Along with the wavy, curly hairdo’s of the models, we would almost forget about the jeans…. Continue reading

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Claes Iversen @ AIFW


Not a lot of designers are honored with a standing ovation after their show, but Claes Iversen was lucky! The talented designer keeps surprising us with his elegant and modern collections. His detailling and craftmanship is impeccable, but he also struggles with being creative and having business-discipline at the same time. The object of that frustration translated into a Post-it. Continue reading

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Individuals @ Amsterdam International Fashion Week


After visiting Sensation 4 weeks ago ( Sensation is a huge house-party in Holland were all the people dress up in something white), the Digitaliastas screamed: never wear white on white! But after seeing the show of Individuals we are a little les negative. The young students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute proved that white can be a very interesting and multifunctional color. Continue reading

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