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Just because we love it so much…

Photo: Chanel.com

We mean Karl Lagerfeld’s short movie Remember Now. The full version can be seen on the Chanel website (just click on the Remember Now-link), and we just can’t get enough of it! The 17 minutes St Tropez party full of beautiful people and cameo’s really reflects the Southern French vibe of the little fishermen’s village nobody ever heard of, before Brigitte Bardot and some movie directors discovered it in the 60’s.

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Digitalisto Comme des Leroi: Letting go is moving forward?

Wifey F. with her clothes on the flea market

Last Queensday weekend inspired me to write my first post as a Digitalisto. As
Queensday approaches, everybody is wondering what to do. Queensday is a
national holiday where we celebrate our queen’s birthday. It is
tradition to sell your old stuff at a flea market early in the morning. My wifey F. and friend I. decided to sell old clothes, shoes, accessories etc. on Queensday and I was there to help out and sell some of my own old stuff.

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From Paris with love

We love Paris!

Digitalista M., Digitalista E. and our Digitalista muse E. were in Paris. And they had lots of fun. Oui, oui, off to…. Paris!

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Chanel @ St Tropez

Chanel @ StTropez

At least some people weren’t dissapointed with the Icelandic ash cloud…I wouldn’t be either if I was stuck in Karl Lagerfeld’s villa in St Tropez! Continue reading

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Digitalicious: Coca Karl

Coca Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld

Don’t know what to order during a night out? What about a real Karl Lagerfeld coke….

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Catch of the Day: Nouvelle Vague nailpolish by Chanel

Chanel 'Nouvelle Vague' nailpolish

Ah, nailpolish. Since I have the habit of only lacqueing my toe-nails (I’m too lazy to wear nailpolish on my fingernails- don’t have the patience to let it dry and it gets smudged- so it only happens twice a year…), the summer and nice weather makes me want to show off with funny colors.

That’s where Chanel‘s Nouvelle Vague color comes in. A fresh pop color aqua tone for a happy summer! Continue reading

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Catch of the Day: Chanel quilted denim sneakers

Chanel denim quilted sneaker

While M. and I are still drooling over my friend L.’s Chanel 2:55, we have to find a more affordable alternative until we can buy one ourselves. This might come in the shape of this Chanel denim quilted sneaker. Okay, it’s not a bag, but the fact that these sneakers are quilted, makes us feel a bit closer to the o so wanted bag…(or it could be a form of wishful thinking).

The sneakers also show some similarities with the Ked’s, but let’s be honest, these are Chanel, and that’s way cooler! Continue reading


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