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The Digitalistas in the Cosmopolitan’s top 6 of most authoritative fashion bloggers in The Netherlands.

Digitalista E. interviewed for about her job as online editor at Glamour and The Digitalistas. Check out the interview in here.


NL20 party-reporter Karlijn Visser spotted us at the first Y-Community event

De Pers

They’re Hot, You’re not! That’s what journalist/columnist Koster wrote in his hilarious article about bloggers in newspaper De Pers. You can find the article here!
PS. Nice job Koster, after drinking too much free champagne, you still remembered our (for most people) difficult name!

NOS Headlines

Watch the short film here.

We were interviewed by the most prestigious Dutch news channel NOS. We talk about fashion blogging, teenage bloggers and magazines versus blogs. Don’t we look cute with the three of us having so much fun?

The Digitalistas on the German news site


Dutch Business Magazine Elsevier had an interview with Digitalista M. about her new book Catwalkgirl, her ambitions and dreams for the column called ‘Talent’. The interview is also published on the website of Elsevier, which you can find here.


Yes, Glamour wrote about us. They also linked our interviews with Susie Bubble and Garance Dore.

Digitalista K. was interviewed by Sp!ts newspaper about the growing influence of Fashion Bloggers:
Article from newspaper Sp!ts about rising influence of Fashion Bloggers

Article from newspaper Sp!ts about rising influence of Fashion Bloggers


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  1. Lucas

    My name is Lucas and I live in London….I met this girl, xoxo,who toke me some pictures.i was in a bike , I’m black and with an Afro hair style! I couldn’t gind the pictures so if u can, send me to my email adress please….love the site and keep going.
    Many regards

  2. austin

    i am the publicist for V and VMAN magazines – who is best to contact re: advance previews of the newest issues? thanks

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