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Digitalistic shoes from Finsk

Since I’ve spotted these shoes on stylebloggers Andy and Sabrina I had to check them out. They are from FINSK. The brand of shoe designer Julia Lundsten. They don’t call her the ‘Eames of footwear’ for nothing, because the designs are almost pieces of architecture. Continue reading


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The blogger-boys

There are not that much models blogging. With the exception of Coco Rocha. And that’s a pity, because they have interesting lives. They work with designers and photographers, they travel a lot, meet fascinating people. It’s probably more exciting to read about their adventures than to read that my neighboor has boiled an egg…So thank God for the boys! At least they take the time to give us a peek in their model lives. Continue reading

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Catch of the day: Digitalista K’s floral jumpsuit

Bershka floral jumpsuit

Summer is not yet on its way in the Netherlands. It is still cold. Last week it even felt like winter again! But as I was in an optimistic shopping mood (maybe wishful thinking, buy something summery and it really might turn the weather around). I passed by the Bershka and saw this cute floral jumpsuit. So I bought it! Tips on how to style it after the jump… Continue reading

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A matter of taste

Mmmm, delicious...

We don’t need to remind you we love food. But edible accessories might be a bit over the top. It’s something we need to think about. Because stopping the urge to bite your bag because you’re hungry and there’s nothing edible around could be a problem… Continue reading

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Festival-visitors check out H&M’s FAA collection

Photo: courtesy of H&M

Festivals are hot! And H&M totally took on that vibe. The latest Fashion Againts Aids collection is all about festivals. Even tents and sleepingbags are featured. So what better to check if the collection is cohesive with the festival style than asking festival-visitors at the Coachella festival? Continue reading

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The clutch is the new it-bag for men…



My boss asked me several times if he can carry a bag. My answer is always the same: “Yes you can!” Really, why can’t men carry a purse? Forget the old cliché that a man needs a woman, so he can put his credit cards and car keys in her evening bag; a man can walk alone nowadays, and indulge in buying designer accessory too. Continue reading

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Flashback! Sweatering Chic in 1986

We all know the preppy and vintage styled people who pose on the street for streetstyle photographers like The Sartorialist, Garance Doré, Facehunter and of course our one and only Digi. E. But spotting trends on the street is in fact nothing new! Watch this: a trend page of ELLE Magazine May 1986. How cool is that, huh?! Continue reading

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