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Time to party @ RAUW!

It’s raw, it’s crazy, it’s a party how we like it! For its next edition RAUW takes a little sideway to fashion. Resident DJ Joost van Bellen (the mustached man) makes a lot of mixes for the fashionshows during AIFW and many international fashionshows, so obviously inbetween Paris Haute Couture and Berlin Fashion week, he will spin the records on July 9. But…also Andre J (the bearded man), Larry Tee (think RuPaul’s hit ‘Supermodel’, or Perez Hilton’s hit ‘My Penis’) and the OddWord (hot guys from Belgium), will make their appearance @ RAUW. Continue reading


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The blogger-boys

There are not that much models blogging. With the exception of Coco Rocha. And that’s a pity, because they have interesting lives. They work with designers and photographers, they travel a lot, meet fascinating people. It’s probably more exciting to read about their adventures than to read that my neighboor has boiled an egg…So thank God for the boys! At least they take the time to give us a peek in their model lives. Continue reading

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Digitalistic tunes: energetic Matt & Kim from Brooklyn

Mat & Kimm at Hilfiger Denim Live

Last week at the very cool Hilfiger Denim Live party in Paradiso Amsterdam, I spotted Matt & Kim (a music-duo from Brooklyn) for the first time. I immediately fell in love with those guys. They rocked the club with their energy-filled performance like nobody else did! Especially Kim drew my attention. This small girl on drums, hit her drumsticks like another day would never come. And the best was, she had an amazing smile on her face all night long! She and her friend Matt had so much fun on stage that me and my friends went crazy on the dance floor. I liked it so much! To get in the right mood this morning, hereby one of their songs; Daylight.  Watch, listen en then fall in love…

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MUST READ BOOK: Fashion Blogs, from musings on personal taste to style reports around the globe

Two months ago, Digitalista M. was asked by journalist Kirtsin Hanssen to write a forward for her book about fashionblogs.  Of course she said yes to this huge honour. Which hardcore blogger did ever expected 3 years ago, that somebody would write a whole book about the phenomena fashion blogs? We did not, so we’re very happy with this cool and above all Dutch initiative… Continue reading

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A little chat with the Facehunter

Last Saturday Digitalista E. and I (Digitalista K.) had a little chat with the Facehunter. He was in town for a booksigning, and as we made a habit of interviewing famous bloggers that visit our small country (Susie Bubble, Garance Doré, the Sartorialist…) we couldn’t skip this one either. Continue reading

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Miss Lepore as Linda Evangelista

If you thought you had your part of transsexuals in fashion, then guess again! Miss Amanda Lepore, probably one of the most famous transgenderists personified some of the world’s supermodels for Tush magazine. Continue reading

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Introducing: Mr and Mrs Walliams

Lara in her wedding dress

And so they did. Get married. At the Claridges. In a Ricardo Tisci dress, lovely Lara Stone said ‘yes’! to her David. Congrats for the happy couple! But wasn’t the dress a little bit too tight…?

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