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Digitalistic graffiti at Converse You’re Here

The Digitalistas Graffiti Art

When Converse invited me for a travelling event called You’re Here, I had no idea what to expect. ‘It is something with all kinds of creative acts and celebrating the spirit of self expression’, they said. Well, and because we love creative people, Digitalista M. took the bus to Antwerp and party AND painted all night long with some cool, relaxed, and above al creative people!

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The blogger-boys

There are not that much models blogging. With the exception of Coco Rocha. And that’s a pity, because they have interesting lives. They work with designers and photographers, they travel a lot, meet fascinating people. It’s probably more exciting to read about their adventures than to read that my neighboor has boiled an egg…So thank God for the boys! At least they take the time to give us a peek in their model lives. Continue reading

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Let’s talk about legs baby! Let’s talk about you and me…

Legs of 'French Vogue' by The Sartorialist

Since we’ve spotted the legs of ‘French Vogue’ on the Sartortialist, we’ve got a teeny tiny fascination for legs. They tell so much about you. Like the legs of French Vogue for example. All tall, skinny, most covered in black and on power heels of course. We don’t see the faces of the women, but those legs communicate: Femme Fatale. Unfortunately, not every woman is blessed with some model-length and super tight legs. And what about the cellulite we have to deal with? Or the ugly, white colour after the winter? Skirts look nice, but not on milk coloured legs. In short; it’s time for  Digitalista M. to have some chitchat with legs-expert Claudia Straatmans, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan NL and partner of the Gillette Venus Most Beautiful Legs Contest. ‘Self-tan is the Touche Éclat for legs.’ Continue reading

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A matter of taste

Mmmm, delicious...

We don’t need to remind you we love food. But edible accessories might be a bit over the top. It’s something we need to think about. Because stopping the urge to bite your bag because you’re hungry and there’s nothing edible around could be a problem… Continue reading

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Digitalistic Tunes: Why can’t there be love

Agyness Deyn for Adidas Originals

Because we all love the new Adidas commercial tune…It is a classic song from the ‘70’s by soul lady Dee Edwards! We didn’t expect that at all. It sounds so hip, funky and cool. By the way; listen to the lyrics. ‘You know the birds do it and the bees do it.’ Well boys and girls, you see, love can be that simple! Continue reading

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The Selby chez Karl sneak peek

The Selby chez Karl

We love The Selby. He enters the private places of all kinds of fashionpeople. Even Karl Lagerfeld opened his doors for him.

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Monsieur Qui? Oui, oui!

Monsieur Qui illustrations on outside walls

We love fashion, we love art, we love illustrations. We found this great French illustrator via Swide. He does not only illustrate on paper, even outside walls, guitars and sneakers aren’t safe for the guy. And let’s say this works better for us than grafitti… Continue reading

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