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Quote of the day by Alber Elbaz

“I prefer being relevant to being cool, because if you’re cool, you’re also cold the next day.”



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Quote of the day: Andre Leon Talley

”I love Manolo Blahnik, he’s like my brother; we were separated at birth. And I think his shoes are the sum total of elegance, and as Madonna says, ‘often they’re better than sex.”

André Leon Talley talking about his long lost brother at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale in New York –


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Miuccia Prada: Twitter is crap, Facebook is bulls**it

You’ll never see Miuccia Prada on Twitter, because she thinks that it´s crap! The label received some criticism lately for its “stodgy” web strategy in the face of labels like Burberry, who have embraced Facebook and have developed a Sartorialist-like website, Art Of The Trench, featuring people wearing its coats. But Miuccia, strong and powerful as always, doesn’t change her plans! Continue reading


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Me and Christian share the same dream

It’s always nice to see that  someone has got the same wishes at you. Like for example Christian Louboutin. His ‘world peace’ dream is also my personal dream. Wanna know what we dream of? Continue reading

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Quote(s) of the day: Cathy Horyn on Milan Fashionweek

This is how fashion critic Cathy Horyn sums up her experience at Milan Fashionweek this season:

”An eternity of bad clothes crammed into four days with editors raging like shut-ins about the lack of fun (“Help, I need a drink!”) and the blogger Bryanboy announcing on Twitter that he had scored a free fur jacket from Dolce & Gabbana.”

And despite Tom Ford’s movie success, according to Cathy he would be the one to save Italian fashion. She seems to miss him. A lot…

”Six years after Tom Ford bowed out at Gucci, a glass of Scotch in hand, Italian fashion hasn’t recovered its magic and energy yet.”

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Three quotes from fashion moguls on: The Future of Fashion has interviewed influential people in fashion about their vision on the future of fashion. The first one was Robert Duffy, ‘the-I-just-discovered-Twitter’ president of Marc Jacobs, the second was Cathy Horyn- the NY Times fashion critic, and the third was designer Hedi Slimane. Here are their quotes that put our toughts on hold for a minute….

Robbert Duffy about his expectations on the launch of the Marc Jacobs e-commerce site in August:

”I really don’t know what to expect. I have absolutely no idea. The only two things I’ve ever bought on the Internet—three things, actually—are a car, a house, and a dog.”

Keep reading for the other quotes by Cathy Horyn and Hedi Slimane! Continue reading

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Quote of the day by Susie Bubble

WWD posted this interesting article this morning about bloggers becoming the new fashion celebrities. Isn’t that what we were saying all along? The most important part is getting recognition from the fashion industry, and it finally seems to be working now. Just like Susie Bubble (Susanna Lau) says, it’s time that bloggers are considered as part of the media:

“We’re focusing on bloggers as freak beings, which I find a little offensive,” said Lau. “They’re one strand of media. Magazines are another strand.”

(Quote by Susanna Lau in WWD)

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