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Digitalistic shoes from Finsk

Since I’ve spotted these shoes on stylebloggers Andy and Sabrina I had to check them out. They are from FINSK. The brand of shoe designer Julia Lundsten. They don’t call her the ‘Eames of footwear’ for nothing, because the designs are almost pieces of architecture. Continue reading


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Summer, summer, summertime!

Coral Flamingo watch from Triwa Miami Deco collection

Since the moment Triwa Watches were introduced in the Netherland, they’re one big hit! Every self-respected fashionista loves the pretty colors, the childish plastic bracelet often mixed with an little ‘ordinary’ golden time plate.  The prices are really oké, so it’s not that you have to save for months or even years! No, you can just go to the store, see all the candy and pick one, or two, or three. Every season Triwa comes up with some new colors, prints and inspirations. This time it’s Miami, baby! Digitalista. M. immediately fell in love with the one named ‘Coral Flamingo’! “Because this watch matches perfect with her favorite lipstick for this summer Chanel Rouge Allure Génial….”, she said. Yes, Coral-like as well. We even think she found her ‘new it-color’!

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New Amsterdam based EASTPAK Icon store. For the cool kids.

My first memories of EASTPAK, brings me back to high school. Everybody had an EASTPAK! Not as spectacular looking as they do now, but oké (well in fact, my friend had a pink one…Yes, in our village, a pink bag was very rare). We pimped our bags, by putting personal notes on it. Think signatures of friends, kisses from the boy you had an eye on, etc. Nowadays, the EASTPAK collection is so diverse, that you don’t have to spice it up with a big, black pen anymore. No, young, talented designers clear the job for you! It’s nice to see, that a brand with just one main-product, stays up-and-running for years and years. I know for sure, that if I go back to my old high school, the kids will still carry an EASTPAK. If not? Tip: just visit the new Amsterdam based EASTPAK Icon store on Hartenstraat 23.  For Cool Kids Only! Continue reading

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Breakfast at Marrakesh with Tiffany’s

Tiffany & Co

Since Carrie and her friends went on a trip to Marrakesh, the Arabian fashion style is hot. Think maxi-dresses, golden accents, sunny, floppy hats and of course the golden aviator sunglasses. But what about jewellery inspired on the Arabian fairytale? Tiffany & Co went to Marrakesh too and came back with some Arabian art. Designed by a well-known name: Paloma Picasso, daughter of the world famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Continue reading

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A matter of taste

Mmmm, delicious...

We don’t need to remind you we love food. But edible accessories might be a bit over the top. It’s something we need to think about. Because stopping the urge to bite your bag because you’re hungry and there’s nothing edible around could be a problem… Continue reading

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Jeffrey West: shoes for cool men with style and a good sense of humour

Be cool, be sexy, be dandy: Jeffrey West

Last week, a new shoe store hit the centre of Amsterdam; Jeffrey West. A sophisticated, yet very extravagant men shoe brand with an edgy London twist. For all the dandy men out there who are looking for something fresh after brands like Santoni. Continue reading


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Catch of the Day: FCUK Morrocan suede bag

French Connection bag

In need to spice up my ‘bag wardrobe’ with some color, I stumbled upon this hot pink suede bag from French Connection. Continue reading

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