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Join us on Facebook

The Digitalistas on Facebook. How sweet is that!

Yes, we do have Facebook. We love it and we really really really really want you to join us. Come in and have a nice glass of champaign…

See you on FB. Check us in here.


The Digitalistas


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Marc got married?!? Or not…

Did he really got married?!?

Rumor has it that Marc Jacobs and his beau Lorenzo got married!

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Chifff: Winter-wonder-why-land

Winter wonder why land high heel by Chifff

Enough is enough.

All right already. Just cut it out. I’m fed up with it. Enough is enough. A little bit is quite fun. But this is the bloody limit. P-L-E-A-S-E, can someone negotiate with the Weather Emperor and try to convince his Royal Highness to stop the cold, white, slippery mess!?

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Fashion people have weird X-mas requests…

Fashionpeople X-mas requests. Pics from LOVE magazine

LOVE magazine has asked some fashion people their X-mas requests. The answers are quite surprising…Did you ever hear somebody say: ”All I want for Christmas is an angora rabbit.”??? Well, that’s what the designers of Proenza Shouler requested. Continue reading

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Now available: The book of Prada

The book of Prada

There’s a new fashionbook we can add to the collection, and it’s simply named: Prada. (the subtitles are Creativity, Modernity, Innovation) Counting over 700 pages, and describing Prada’s past and present. A retrospective of images, most of all. Continue reading

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FredN: High Fidelity

Fred N

Fred N

Never forget that although someone may wear an article of clothing, a shoe wears you.

Despite the difficulty of clomping around in bamboo stilt Prada wedges or a patent leather construction that resembles a japanese dominatrix’ interpretation from Nina Ricci, the platform twin-towers are wearing us with a vengeance.

My on-again, off-again love affair with chunky high heeled shoes may seem ridiculous for some people. But when you consider the risks of wearing them, it starts to make sense… Continue reading


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The Digitalistas love Lily’s Cupcakes


And especially Digitalista E.! During our time in London she ate a cupcake every day. Back in Holland she got a little bit disappointed, because Holland doesn’t have good cupcakes at all (you Dutch people don’t know how to make cupcakes!!!). Till now. Lily’s Cupcakes saved our day.

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