Welcome @ the Digitalistas. The new platform for all online fashion- and lifestyle editors. Our goal is to connect with all Online Fashion Editors/Professional bloggers worldwide. Contact us on: thedigitalistas@gmail.com

Let us introduce ourselves first: The Digitalistas are three Online Fashion editors/Fashion journalists from Amsterdam. We started out and are still active in the fast growing digital world, and also work for print as a stylist, writer or reporter. This means we have our inside connections in the Dutch world of fashion, but we also visit the International Fashionweeks in New York, London, Paris & Milan.

Who are we?

karine12 Karine Bloem, Founding-Editor The Digitalistas

Other Jobs: Editor-in-Chief/Freelance Stylist/Trendwatcher and Conceptmaker

When I was 8 years old I was already hooked on fashionmagazines, and with my nose stuck to the television watching catwalkshows on Super Channel (think Fashion TV in the eighties). Not a coincidence that I ended up at the AMFI, (which was still called Montaigne Fashion Academy at the time), to study fashion. My goal wasn’t to become a designer but a stylist, so I quit after a year to study at the Vogue Academy, a private school for Fashion and Design.

After my graduation I did an internship at ROOM concept & design, a studio started up by Rozemarijn de Witte who also realized the succesful magazines Living, LINDA and La Vie en Rose.

To make sure I learned about every aspect of the fashionbusiness I started to freelance in very diverse fashion-related areas. I did styling for fotoshoots, events and made concepts for some sponsored magazines. That’s when I made my first steps into the digital world, I filled a trendpage for the sponsored online magazine of Nissan.

One day I had the idea to start an online PR agency for shoes and accessories. Which I did for 2,5 years with a friend that was a Communications graduate. At the same time I worked part-time at an advertisement agency, and did styling and production for Shooz and WATCH magazine.

Finally, a few years ago I ended up as a Fashion editor for Shopgirl.nl (then changed in Fashionfile), a Dutch website for Fashionistas and Shopaholics, for which I became Editor-in-Chief after a few years. We did a lot of crazy things; visited International Fashionweeks in Paris, New York and London, and continuesly bumped into very known bloggers as the Sartorialist, Facehunter and Geraldine Dormoy (Cafe Mode). We ran as hard as they did to photograph Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld and all supermodels and celebrities we were able to catch with our small digital cameras…From April 2010 I work as a Senior Editor Online at Glamour.

With an initiative like the Digitalistas we want to show that we take our jobs as seriously, and are as passionate as every known print journalists and editors.

Elies_klein Elisah Jacobs, Founding-Editor The Digitalistas

Other Jobs: Online editor/ Photographer

I studied Journalism in the East of Holland and in my second year I wanted nothing more than to become a fashion journalist. My internship at a freelance company was very great: I wrote articles for Veronica Magazine, Yes and Vriendin. For the last one I sold a column, which was very rare for an intern, but I did it. After my graduation I worked as a freelancer for fashion brand Tom Tailor and also for the magazines Yes and Vriendin, did an education at the Fotoacademy (I love photographing fashionable people) in Amsterdam, I also gained experience by Joop van Tellingen and his son Dennis, two notorious paparazzi-photographers in Holland. With them I made my first steps into showbizz- and fashionland. I loved it

This showbizz-experience got me a job at Celebscene.nl, a Dutch showbizzsite about all the ins and outs of entertainmentland. For that I interviewed lots of famous people like Jamie Foxx, Avril Lavigne, Maria Mena, John Legend, Sara Bareilles, Brian McKnight, The Script, James McAvoy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas. Finally I start working for Fashionscene.nl, a website for Dutch fashionistas. And now I’m online editor at Glamour Magazine: Glamour.nl.

2009 will become a great year for me and my friends with the start of The Digitalistas!

Elisah’s favorite fashion quote: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” (Coco Chanel)

Marieke Marieke Ordelmans, Founding-Editor The Digitalistas

Other Jobs: Fashion Editor/Freelance fashion, beauty and lifestyle Journalist/ Bookwriter
I studied media and communication in Amsterdam. I graduated in 2008 and went to New York for my paper about the influence of fashion blogs in the fashion industry. For my thesis I interviewed some hotshots like Cathy Horyn, Scott Schumann (the Sartorialist) and Diane Pernet.

During my study I started working as editor-in-chief of a famous Dutch fashionblog. After two years I quit and now I am working on The Digitalistas with my two best fashion-partners-in-crime.

I’m not only active in the online world. Since three years I am working as a freelance fashion, beauty and lifestyle journalist together with a production company based in Amsterdam: Bureau Monique Lindeboom. Some magazines I write (wrote) for: Grazia, Code, Cosmogirl, Glamour, Beau Monde, Fashion United, Visagie and Fancy.

In September 2009 my first novel was published. A chicklit-book about modelling and the fashion industry called Catwalkgirl- Killerheels&Modedromen. In 2010 my second book will hit the stores.

Since december 2009 I also work part-time in Public Relations.

With The Digitalistas I hope to create more awareness for online fashion journalism. Especially in Holland.

Marieke’s favorite fashion quote: “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” (Coco Chanel)