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Horses also get haircuts…

Left: Angie really loves horses...Right: Akris greige Ai horsehair bag

…And still Angelina Jolie wanted to be sure that no animal was harmed for the sake of her just purchased ¢5000,- Akris bag. Respect.

The bags of the Swiss fashion brand (they just released an accessories range this year) are all made of ponyhair. Not just ordinary ponies, but Mongolian nomadic horses (I guess they’re more hairy?) who just had their annual haircut. Continue reading


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Digitalista M. likes: mint colored sneakers from Nike

Even if I wear heels most of the time, I can fall in love with sneakers. Like for example these cool mint colored Nike Air Royal Mid VT sneakers.  Aren’t these pastel candies cool for easter? Or what about this purple-on-purple monochrome explosion? The Air Royal Mid VT’s are constructed from a special synthetic that makes everything pop.

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Digitalistic movie: Serge Gainsbourg Vie Heroïque

You all probably know the iconic song ‘Je t’aime moi non plus‘ by Serge Gainsbourg and a moaning Jane Birkin recorded in 1969, a year after the Sexual Revolution. The French poet, singer, composer and actor was quite an interesting character. Inseparable from his cigarette, always sort of drunk and with a unique sense of humor he conquered the hearts of a lot of women (even if I think he looked butt-ugly…), Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin to name a few. Continue reading

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Digitalistic Tunes: Micky Green

“Oh Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow our mind, hé Micky!’ We could ‘ve written that famous line, after listening the new single T.L. from Paris-based singer Micky Green. Who she is? A blond style-icon and former muse of Karl Lagerfeld. What she makes? Think groovy, jazzy, vintage and poppy songs! Continue reading

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Supporting our local heroes: model Melissa Tammerijn

Dutch Face

The market of Dutch models is a very successful market. Not only Doutzen and Lara are doing fine year after year, but a whole group of young, fresh and most of the time blond girls are shining on the international runways, ads. and magazines. The most freshly face of today is Melissa Tammerijn. ‘That Dutch power strikes again!’ Continue reading

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Catch of the Day: Chanel quilted denim sneakers

Chanel denim quilted sneaker

While M. and I are still drooling over my friend L.’s Chanel 2:55, we have to find a more affordable alternative until we can buy one ourselves. This might come in the shape of this Chanel denim quilted sneaker. Okay, it’s not a bag, but the fact that these sneakers are quilted, makes us feel a bit closer to the o so wanted bag…(or it could be a form of wishful thinking).

The sneakers also show some similarities with the Ked’s, but let’s be honest, these are Chanel, and that’s way cooler! Continue reading


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Witchcraft inspiration at Wildfox Couture

Just a little monday morning inspiration from Wildfox Couture. We love this young, fresh and quirky hipster brand! The images of the Fall 2010 lookbook are a little teen witch inspired. Suddenly it’s very cool to discover the dark side of yourselves. Think about Twilight, The Vampire Diaries…. Continue reading

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