Charming Beauty Flaw: a split between the teeth


Lara Stone and Vanessa Paradis and their specific beauty-mark

Ever wondered why the split between the teeth of Lara Stone suddenly became a charming beauty-flaw? She wasn’t the first designer-muse with that special mark. A long time ago some girl just popped out of nothing singing a song called ‘Joe le Taxi’. Her name was Vanessa Paradis. Not a striking beauty, but a particular little bird with a good bonestructure and a split between her teeth. Then the bird got caged by Jean Paul Goude to promote the Coco Chanel fragrance. In 2003 she promoted the collection of Chanel Cambon bags, and now this succesful singer, mother, actress and wife of Johnny Depp will show off her typical smile to promote ‘les rouges’ Chanel: the gorgeous red lipsticks of the brand.

Lara is also still going strong with her specific beauty-mark. She is following the footsteps of Madonna as the face of the Louis Vuitton ad-campaigns.

And then there’s this other girl-who we can almost refer at as Lara’s twin sister- Georgia May Jagger. She also has a split between the teeth! Which hasn’t stopped Rimmel London to contract Little Georgia May as one of the fresh faces of the make-up brand.


Georgia May Jagger for Russian Vogue

The conclusion is: splits between the teeth are cool! So don’t wear braces if you have ’em. You might just become the next Lara, Vanessa or Georgia…



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2 responses to “Charming Beauty Flaw: a split between the teeth

  1. Ona McLaughlin

    Old post, but it’s worth noting that the stunning, sexy Lauren Hutton was a much earlier example of this charming quirk.

  2. Ona McLaughlin

    PS: Paradis is a dead ringer for Madonna in her prime in that photo. Gorgeous.

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